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The Ohio River Basin Water Quality Trading Project is a market-based approach to reducing water pollution through a first-of-its-kind credit trading program and was recognized for its innovation by winning the United States Water Prize in 2015. Working with small farmers, the water quality credits help to protect watersheds that support agriculture operations by providing a science-based option for those seeking to mitigate supply chain impacts and meet personal environmental footprint goals as well as larger corporate targets.

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and First Climate will move credits from EPRI’s Ohio River Basin Water Quality Trading Project to international credit trading markets. This is a unique collaborative between a water quality project and an environmental asset credit broker to provide access to some of the world’s largest environmental credit buyers.

“As more companies seek a broader set of tools to meet sustainability goals, offering water quality and greenhouse gas credits from one portfolio will meet this growing demand,” said Jacob Bourgeois, First Climate Senior Consultant.

Personal N Footprint in the US

Source: The figure above shows the average per capita nitrogen footprint in the United States (adapted from Leach et al. 2012).

The credits protect local water quality and tackle the primary culprits causing the Gulf of Mexico hypoxia dead zone, one of the largest ocean dead zones in the world. Specifically, each credit equals one pound of nutrient (nitrogen or phosphorous) reduction, plus associated ancillary qualitative benefits including pollinator habitat, habitat enhancement, and social benefits to farmers.

The credits align with various sustainability programs and disclosures, including GRI, CDP, United National Sustainable Development Goals, and CEO Water Mandate. Visit our collaborators at First Climate to conveniently purchase between 1 and 100,000 credits today!


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